Sunday, April 4, 2010

Common Tailorbird

Sighted: 5th April 2010
Location: Bangalore
Picture: Mine

I'm thrilled to see the birds on the tree outside our home. I hear them in the morning and now that I have some time I've been waiting, camera in hand, to get a good shot.


A wildlife gardener said...

How wonderful to live where you live...everything there seems so exotic to me...beautiful flora and fauna :)

You have a lot of beautiful pictures, and best of all, the birds are flying freely and not in cages :)

I agree with Da Vince, who is quoted as saying...A robin in a cage puts all heaven in a rage.

Birds were born to fly...and they bring us so much pleasure :)

Carol said...

I guess beauty is everywhere if you look for it. :) Thank you for reminding me. And this is a good time for birds... so I'm enjoying it.