Sunday, September 13, 2009

18. Purple Sunbird

Sighted: 18th August 2009
Location: Adishakti,Pondicherry
Binomial Name: Cinnyris asiaticus
Length: 10cm
Feeds on: Nectar, fruits and insects (especially when feeding young)
Resident Breeder in: Persian Gulf, South Asia and South East Asia
Habitat: Gardens
Male: The male is glossy metallic purplish black on the upperparts with the wings appearing dark brown. The breeding male has the underparts also of the same purplish black, but non-breeding males may show a central streak of black on yellow underparts.There is a patch of bright blue on the shoulder of breeding males.The maroon shine on the feathers of the collar around the neck is visible mainly during the breeding seasons.
Female: Olive brown above with yellowish underside. There is a pale supercilium beyond the eye. There is a darkish eye stripe. The throat and breast are yellow becoming pale towards the vent. The outer tail feathers are tipped in white both in the male and female.

The bird has a beautiful call and is so tiny that a good tele-photo lense would have got me a much better picture. For now I have to live with this. Thanks to my friend Deepu who identified this for me.

Info: Wikipedia

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