Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10. Spotted Owlet

Sighted: 2nd October 2003
Location: Near SAIACS
Scientific name: Athene brama

My learning on the owlet from Wikipedia:
Part of the larger grouping of owls known as typical owls, Strigidae, which contains most species of owl. The other grouping is the barn owls, Tytonidae.

Habitats include farmland and human habitation. It nests in a hole in a tree or building, laying 3-5 eggs. A small bird about 21 cm, they're easy to spot. Upper parts are grey-brown, heavily spotted with underparts white, and streaked with brown. The facial disc is pale and the eyes are yellow. There is a white neckband. Sexes are similar. The flight is deeply undulating.

Mainly a nocturnal species but they can be spotted in the day time as well, which is when we saw it. The call is a harsh chirurr-chirurr-chirurr.

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